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OnSiteRx®, Inc. combines an automated drug dispensing machine with web-based software that allows pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to order prescriptions, check for side effects, and deliver medications to nursing home residents.
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Long-term care facilities face many challenges with traditional pharmacy providers; challenges such as increasing drug costs, excessive drug waste, medication errors, delays in medication delivery, and increased nursing time for medication administration
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OnSiteRx ADS The OnSiteRx® Dispensing System holds 240 of the most common medications for nursing home residents. The OnSiteRx® system dispenses each resident's drugs, seals them in individual packet printing the patient details on the packet.
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Web based medication order entry allows a physician to sign onto a Web site and order medication. The system reviews the medication for side effects and checks whether it is covered by a resident's insurance. The prescription is then sent over the web to a pharmacist, who approves it for dispensing.
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